live music you've always wanted.
better than you've ever dreamed.

for the first time, it's all in one place.

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Venues find new talent, new fans, sell tickets, and keep their focus on making their shows incredible.

Artists focus on performing, and leave the logistics to us. From small shows to international tours, we have you covered.

Fans discover their favorite new musicians, and experience music the way it was meant to be heard.

music has changed. a lot.

It's about time we caught up.

Enter TuneHatch, the first platform to use technology to help everyone involved in the live music scene make doing what they love easier. Whether you're a fan, an artist, or a venue.

finding a show has never been easier.

Whether you love explosive rock ballads or low-key acoustics on a Sunday night, there’s a show for you.

  • See and leave reviews of venues and artists from fans just like you

  • Preview shows so you know you'll like them, before you go.

  • Seamlessly buy tickets in-app and enjoy exclusive fan perks.

Transparency, convenience, and fun. All free and tailored to your unique tastes.

What you like, when you like it, near you.

artists work hard.
we let them work less hard.

Whether you’re a career musician or a weekend warrior, your talent deserves to be seen. Live performances are the bread and butter of any artist’s career, and we make performing easier than ever.

  • Streamlined booking for performances

  • Automated tour routing

  • Built-in concert promotion

From new artists to rising stars, we get you on stage where you belong!

management headaches?
now a thing of the past.

Are you tired of last minute cancellations, never ending emails, and hit or miss shows? TuneHatch has got you covered.

  • Maintain full creative control over your venue's lineup

  • Streamline or automate bookings directly to your calendar

  • Get data-powered insights on show profitability and audience turnout

  • Access new artists that will bring new crowds to your venue

We make booking easy and boil it down to a delicate mix of art and data to drive engagement (and bar sales) for your venue!

made with passion

We are a team of real people who know firsthand how important music is.

Christal Hector

A lyricist, producer, and self-designated unconfined mind, Christal has taken her passion for music and entrepreneurship and molded it into the vision for TuneHatch.

Dedicated to bringing light to an often overlooked demographic within music, Christal aims to lead the effort in making independent artistry fun, sustainable, and profitable for artists and fans alike.

Reece Franklin

A creative thinker, former professor, and tech mainstay; no matter what Reece has done, every moment of it has been engulfed by music. To Reece, the single best way to mark a moment in time is with music.

Reece combined his passions for technology and music to create the TuneHatch platform and help ensure that everything it does is approached in a way we can be proud of.

it's time to save live music.

Born in the heart of Music City USA, TuneHatch seeks to make independent artistry and venue management sustainably profitable careers, as well as connect fans with amazing live music experiences, anywhere they go. We believe in supporting the independent music community and strive to share its vibrancy and vigor with the world.

We are launching our private beta experience in select cities in the coming weeks; enter your email below to get your golden ticket.

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