music has changed. a lot.

Yet, the industry hasn’t quite caught up. Enter TuneHatch, a startup designed and redesigned from the ground up to let musicians make a living doing the work they love, fans experience their favorite musicians in a safe and accessible way, and venues offer events through a mix of both entirely virtual and hybrid performances. You can read more about us, see what our musicians have to say about us, or get access to our events, artists, and more by entering your email below.

for fans

We designed the TuneHatch experience to be safe, fun, and effective. We work to verify all venues, have a dedicated safety committee, and work personally with many of our partners to ensure that everyone has a fun time. Dive in! Questions? Need a real person? Reach out.

by artists.

A lot of the music companies out there are started by executives, not musicians. Our founding team is passionate about music, and has industry experience. We saw the need first-hand for a platform to let musicians have an easier time doing what they love, so we made it.

us too.

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